How to Publish Root/Policy CAs in Active Directory

In order to get the Root and Policy CA’s CRT and CRL files published in Active Directory, you’ll need to run the following commands from a command line with elevated permissions. Make sure you either reference the directory in the file name or run the command from the directory where you have these files stored.

You should do this prior to setting up your Issuing CA, but it is not required if you manually add the CRT’s to the Issuing CA and have the CRL’s published in a location the Issuing CA can resolve.

certutil -dspublish -f "ROOTCA.crt" RootCA
certutil -dspublish -f "POLICYCA.crt" SubCA
certutil -dspublish -f "ROOTCA.crl"
certutil -dspublish -f "POLICYCA.crl"
gpupdate /force

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