How to prevent Voicemail Hacking with AT&T Wireless

I’m sure you’ve read about how various news organizations were hacking into voicemail and such. Turns out it’s crazy easy with various Caller ID spoofing services, and USA Today has a good article on it.
AT&T also has instructions on how to require your voicemail to always ask for a password, but they’re buried deep on the site so I decided to post a link to it here:
Note that the iPhone has an integrated voicemail password function, so even with it set to ON the iPhone doesn’t prompt for a password (i.e. it remembers it). Therefore, if you follow the AT&T instructions and the password is set to ON, you’re good even if your phone doesn’t prompt for a password.
Even if you don’t intend to ever be the subject of a news story, the fact is it would be very easy for any interested person to hack into your voicemail… be it a competitor, co-worker, or significant other. Be smart and verify you have your voicemail properly secured. It might be a bit inconvenient, but definitely the smart thing to do.

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