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How to add Proxy SMTP Address from Exchange Management Shell

Microsoft’s article related to adding an email address to an existing mailbox in 2010 is here:


However, I really didn’t like how they do it as it relies on multiple line entries to add a single address.  So I sought out the command below to be able to add an address with a single line.

Set-Mailbox [user alias] -EmailAddresses (((Get-Mailbox [user alias]).EmailAddresses)+="smtp:proxy_address@domain.com")

Better yet, by using Excel and some nifty concatenate work, you can make yourself a nice spreadsheet to apply multiple changes at once.  If you didn’t already know, you can copy and paste in multiple commands at once, and the Exchange 2010 Powershell will process each line as an independent command.

…scripting for dummies I guess : )